PDC Drill bits production

– In 2014 the specialists of DP Service LLC launched the production of cutting-and-grinding drill bits equipped with polycrystalline diamond composite cutters (PDC).
– The bits are produced at the facilities of DP Service LLC in Poltava city having all necessary equipment. The process of the tool production includes the following: engineering analysis, designing and production. Only high-quality materials and components are used in manufacturing process. Every product undergoes a thorough quality control procedure.
– The drill bits manufactured by DP Service LLC have successfully completed testing in the wells of Poltava region. For example, the bit 295,3 DPS516DEI drilled 1940 meters with the average speed 5 m/h in the well No.67 of Semerenkovskoye gas-condensate field. The bit was run out of hole after it had reached a TD 3660 m and after maintenance it is eligible for further use
– We produce both steel and matrix body drill bits

Identification of DP SERVICE LLC drill bits


Body material
М – matrix
S – steel

Blade quantity
3 – three blades
4 – four blades
5 – five blades
6 – six blades
7 – seven blades
8 – eight blades
9 – nine blades
0 – ten blades
1 – eleven blades
2 – twelve blades


Cutters size
8 – 8mm
9 – 9mm
10 – 10mm
11 – 11mm

13 – 13mm
16 – 16mm
19 – 19mm

D – double row of cutters on each blade
Dm – double row on main blades
295I – impregnated auxiliary cutter on the blades
А – additional stabilization inserts on the blades
Ai — additional stabilization inserts with impregnated diamonds
S – drilling-out cutter on the back cone of the gauge surface
Е – gauge surface reinforced with tungsten carbide inserts
Ei – gauge surface reinforced with thermally stable polycrystalline inserts (TSP)
N — installation of unchangeable nozzles
В — box joint
C – steerable drill bit series