Diesel power stations, pumping units on lease

Diesel generators FG Wilson are equipped with the original engines Perkins (Great Britain) and synchronous generators Leroy Somer (France).

Diesel generators FG Wilson are manufactured at FG Wilson plant in Larn city, Northern Ireland, Great Britain which is the world-largest plant producing diesel and gas generators.

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Power* rated (KVA/KW)

Power** max. (KVA/KW)

Voltage (V)

Engine speed (rpm)

Tank (l)

Fuel consumption at 75% load (l/h)

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* – rated power:
At rated power a generator is used as a main source of long-term continuous electric power supply (at variable load) instead of paid electricity.
When operating generator at rated power there’s no limits on quantity of annual operational hours. Ten (10) percent overload for 1 hour every 12 hours is allowed.

** – Maximum power:
At maximum power a generator is used as stand-by source of long-term electric power supply (at variable load) in case of main line voltage drop. Overloads are not acceptable at operation under maximum power. In such cases the alternative current generator operates at maximum long-term parameters.

Diesel power stations lease conditions:

  1. Lease term
    Minimum lease term – five days. It’s allowed to extend or shorten the lease time.
  2. Lease price
    The lease price is determined based on daily lease rate for a certain unit and quantity of days for the lease period.
    The price includes unit start-up and Client’s personnel training on main rules of diesel power station operation.
  3. Additional services for power station lease:
    • • Delivery of power station to the site of use;
    • • Arrangement of periodical or continuous support by technical specialists of DP Service LLC on maintenance of leased equipment.

Discounts are applied for a long-term lease.

Pumping unit based on NB-125 pump

DP Service LLC offers a container-type pumping unit based on NB-125 pump c/w V-belt drive of diesel engine YM3-238.

Mud pump NB 125 is used to pump mud into the well during exploratory, test drilling and for other activities during oil and gas wells workover.

NB 125 is a double-piston, horizontal, double-acting, two-cylinder, power driven, gearbox-equipped unit.

The pump of NB 125 series is used for the following purposes:

  • pumping of mud during oil and gas wells drilling;
  • pumping of fluids during flushing and displacement works in the process of wells workover;
  • pumping of water to the formation for stimulation of oil production;
  • pumping of highly-abrasive, solids-containing technological fluids during oil and gas wells plugging and workover;
  • pumping of fluids;
  • pumping of various non-aggressive high-viscosity fluids including watered oil.

Technical specifications of pumping unit.

Feed and pressure at pump discharge line for all types of bushings