Supply of natural gas equipment and tools

HAND1«DP Service» LLC offers high-quality Kutrite tungsten carbide composite rods from stock in Poltava, manufactured in Houston, Texas.
Kutrite composite rods are applied for the following functions:
— to increase the speed of downhole milling and cutting,
— to protect the surface of tools subject to abrasive wear, maintaining full gauge on stabilizers, centralizers and other downhole tools.
The sintered tungsten carbide particles used in Kutrite composite rods are of the highest quality. These particles are crushed, treated and carefuly graded for size and consistency. The tough, resilient matrix that holds the carbides in suspension in the composite rod has an ultimate tensile strength of 100,000 psi.
The manufacturer’s unique patented method of combining these carbide particles and the matrix, insures a complete bonding process. This manufacturing process results in the highest quality composite rod available – a rod that has proved itself in thousands of field applications all over the world. Kutrite composite rods are easy to apply in the shop or field using oxyacetylene welding equipment.
The following products are constantly available in stock of DP-Service LLC in Poltava:
— Tungsten carbide composite rods «Kutrite» 1/4-3/16 (6,35-4,8mm)
— Tungsten carbide composite rods «Kutrite» 3/16-1/8 (4,8-3,2 mm)
— Tungsten carbide composite rods «Kutrite» 10-18 mesh
— Tungsten carbide composite rods «Kutrite» 18-30 mesh