Ukrainian drill bits for Ukrainian underground resources

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In 2014 the specialists of DP Service LLC launched production of cutting and abrading drill bits equipped with PDC cutters. NefteRynok received this information from the company. The products are manufactured at the production facilities of DP Service LLC possessing the required equipment. The process of tool development includes engineering analysis, modelling and production. Only high-quality materials and components are used in production. Each tool undergoes a thorough quality control in the manufacturing process. The drill bits manufactured by DP Service LLC have successfully overcome testing within Poltava region fields. Thus while drilling the well No.67 at Semerenkovskoye gas-condensate field the drill bit 295,3 DPS516DEI drilled 1940 m with the average speed of 5 m/h. The bit was run out of hole after reaching a target depth of 3660 m and remained suitable for further use after maintenance.
The specialists of DP Service LLC are also expanding the volumes of PDC drill bits repair. Starting from 2012 they “resurrected” hundreds of worn-out drill bits of different manufacturers considered non-suitable for use. In 2014 the company significantly expanded the volume of bits in stock ensuring high-quality and effective bit service. The company created the up-to-date high-tech facilities. The enterprise activity has a strong background of novel approach, effective use of own scientific potential, development of perspective business lines and high expertise of its personnel. Largely due to energetic approach of professionals the enterprise creates qualitatively new intelligent products corresponding to the international standards.
By choosing DP Service LLC as a supplier the client can forget about the issues related to drill bit supplies and pay the actual services rendered. The results of 2014 once again proved the status of DP Service LLC being a reliable and consistent developer and manufacturer of the special tools and equipment for oil and gas wells drilling and repair. In the nearest future DP Service LLC plans to become one of the Ukrainian leaders in the field of drill bit services and production of the tools for oil and gas wells drilling and repair.